Thrills of Filipino Culture in Games: 8 Popular Casino Games in the Philippines

In the vibrant culture of the Philippines, casino games are deeply ingrained in the social fabric. There is more to the game than just winning or losing, as there is excitement, camaraderie and the thrill of gambling. 

Come on in and experience the Philippines’ beloved gambling games, where tradition meets innovation to create an unforgettable gaming encounter.

Sabong: The Battle of Meron o Wala

Our journey began with a spectacle as old as time: Sabong, or cockfighting. The sport of roosting involves fierce competition between nocturnal partners and also ignites the enthusiasm of those who bet on the feathered gladiators. Witness the thrill-seeking birds as they compete for dominance. 

Pusoy: Filipino Poker with a Twist

For those who are passionate about poker, Pusoy is one of the casino games for you. By blending strategy and chance, this Filipino version of poker is an exciting new card game that is perfect for gatherings. Put your card game skills to the test as you try to form the best possible combinations with friends and win.

Mahjong: Tiles of Tradition

The Filipinos have a fondness for the iconic puzzle game of Mahjong. A combination of intricate strategy and thrilling gameplay makes Mahjong a game that is frequently played by family and friends. Enjoy the shuffling sounds of the tiles as you plot your path to victory.

Bingo: Where Numbers Meet Community

Bingo is not just about counting cards; it’s about bringing people together as a whole community. The Filipino community still enjoys bingo, which they can play at various local fundraisers or online. Wait the thrill of waiting until you approach the sound of “Bingo!” » and win the coveted prize.

Sakla: Fast-Paced Filipino Fun

Maybe you have walked by a funeral and there’s this group of people gathered around a table even tiptoeing just to see if they won. In the Filipino tradition, sakla is a game of fast cards with quick thinking. With its uncomplicated gameplay and fast-paced action, Sakla is an ideal choice for casual or group play. 

Slot Machines: Spinning to Win

You can explore the realms of casinos and gaming machines by examining numerous slot machines. These games, featuring flashy bonus rounds and a guaranteed jackpot prize pool, are an instant classic. Play the reels and bet your luck on something.

Cara y Cruz: Tossing your Luck to Win

On the streets and alleys of the Philippines, you will often encounter the simple but engaging game  Cara y Cruz. Bet on the outcome of the coin toss as it spins in the air. Waiting for “cara” (heads) or “cruz” (heads) adds an exciting sense of suspense to this game.  

Jueteng: The Underground Numbers Game

We come to a peaceful conclusion with Jueteng, an illegal but widely played game of numbers. Imagine, being so popular that a former Filipino president was convicted upon supporting this. And even though it is prohibited, Jueteng prospers in the countryside, where players choose their numbers for financial gain. It demonstrates the Philippines’ spirit of innovation and resilience. 


Gambling in the Philippines is more than just a pastime; they are cultural features that bring people together, creating unforgettable moments and lasting memories. Whenever you come across these well-liked games, make sure to play with some level of caution and appreciate the unique combination of old-school and new gaming practices that define Philippine gaming culture. 

Roll the dice, shuffle the cards and let the game begin!